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Why aren’t more people watching Last Man Standing? This is a highly diverting programme in which six easy-on-the-eye, muscular young men travel to various far-flung places and compete in tribal sports. So far they’ve been stick-fighting, kick-boxing, endurance running and taken part in three different types of wrestling (in Brazil, Mongolia and Senegal). Slight posh […]

Warning: there will be spoilers for the CSI episodes already shown on five so far in this article. What on earth has happened to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation? The fourth episode into the new series on five, and CSI has dramatically jumped the shark. I had my suspicions after the end of the previous series, […]

 The Coke Zero ad is back, and every bit as stupid as before. I honestly thought they’d pulled this advert showcasing a collection of tossers discussing why things in life don’t come without downsides while marching along the street like a scene from Booze Britain (except with soft drinks instead of WKD). Naturally one of […]

Last week I had a go at the two television companies that were producing programmes based on recreating rape trials with actors playing the complainant and defendant, saying that it was using rape as entertainment. Well, I was wrong, at least about Consent, Channel 4’s offering which was shown last night. This was public service […]