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Well, I’m writing this while watching BBC4‘s fascinating Storyville programme on US political blogging, Blog Warfare. Meta-blogging or what? It’s mainly focussed on the Lieberman/Lamont race, and covers most of the big political blogs:, Daily Kos and Fire Dog Lake. I’d link to the programme, but there aren’t any clips on the BBC4 site […]

An item on the Today programme* got my blood boiling this morning – and unusually it wasn’t Thought For The Day (well, it might have been annoying, but I had my head under the shower at the time, so I don’t know). Angela Eagle MP and Lord MacKay were asked on to talk about the […]

According to the Observer, the US government will now be requiring visitors to the United States to have all 10 fingerprints scanned to be compatible with FBI databases. There will be no restrictions on the use of the fingerprints internationally – so in theory they could be used across the world and by British agencies.