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There is a really thought-provoking and moving blog by Linda Grant on Comment Is Free today, in response to discovering that one of the CiF commenters she had crossed swords with is actually the son of her former boss, Tony Hall. The comments thread is equally lovely, with commenters stepping up to say what they […]

I should have posted this on Thursday, but didn’t have time. So it’s a bit out of date now… I just can’t keep away from the Mail this week. It burns my eyes, and yet I can’t not look. The paper of choice for homophobes, petty racists and MRAs today has no fewer than two […]

I don’t know why I ever look at the Daily Mail’s web site (I tell myself it’s so I know what the enemy’s thinking, but I think it’s actually more like a sore spot that you just can’t stop poking even though you know it’ll hurt). Yet somehow I can’t help myself. In a change […]

I’m sure that’s not the first time anyone’s used that title… So I’m doing battle (in a very restrained way – everyone’s generally being very polite and reasonable, apart from the man who referred to “broom stick riders”) with the commenters on the Dawn Patrol about Dawn’s post on Zoe William’s article in the Guardian […]

Well, I’m writing this while watching BBC4‘s fascinating Storyville programme on US political blogging, Blog Warfare. Meta-blogging or what? It’s mainly focussed on the Lieberman/Lamont race, and covers most of the big political blogs:, Daily Kos and Fire Dog Lake. I’d link to the programme, but there aren’t any clips on the BBC4 site […]

Apparently two television companies are working on reality programmes showing jury deliberations in a fictional rape trial. One has a jury of celebs and the other a jury of ordinary people. Sounds distinctly grubby, and it’s hard to see how this will do anything to reduce Britain’s shocking rape conviction rate (a conviction in less […]

Lauren Laverne, DJ, ex-Kenickie singer and all-round entertaining music pundit, has spoken out about sexism in the radio industry. Laverne says: Every interview I have done they say: ‘Do you drive your own desk? Do your breasts not get in the way? That’s amazing. Isn’t she good?’ Good on Laverne for speaking out – usually […]