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Chris Clarke has a great new toy on his website – BlogWarBot. It’s been amusing the regulars over at Creek Running North, and there have been some great exchanges. I had a lot of fun playing with it, but none more than when I cut and pasted in some words from an anti-feminist who has […]

A bizarre story in my local paper tells of the acquittal of an RAF Senior Aircraftman, who admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old girl, but who claimed he was sleepwalking. He had been drinking a bottle of vodka, then gone to sleep in a room full of others. The girl awoke to find him […]

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You have to read this from Sylvia. Truly brilliant, truly beautiful.

What she said


See this post by Ms Jared. I too am an ignorant fool.

On blinkers…


First off, apologies for not blogging at all for three months. I could give you reasons, but a lot of it was sheer laziness. I’m currently suffering with an evil head cold, brought on by a long-haul flight from the other side of the world. It’s making me feel like shit, but has given me […]

I should have posted this on Thursday, but didn’t have time. So it’s a bit out of date now… I just can’t keep away from the Mail this week. It burns my eyes, and yet I can’t not look. The paper of choice for homophobes, petty racists and MRAs today has no fewer than two […]

Sad news from Pandagon – the fabulous Amanda will be cutting back her blogging at the site. The good news is that Pam’s still there and some excellent guest bloggers will be helping out – there are already some excellent posts that are well worth reading. Amanda’s going to join John Edwards’ campaign team as […]