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Just as I was thinking “Someone should do something about this” about juries in rape trials, it turns out that somebody was. Reforms to rape trials were in the pipeline. Note that word: were. Judges are opposing the reforms, saying they are too complex, according to the Guardian: But the judges have rejected all the […]

Last week I had a go at the two television companies that were producing programmes based on recreating rape trials with actors playing the complainant and defendant, saying that it was using rape as entertainment. Well, I was wrong, at least about Consent, Channel 4’s offering which was shown last night. This was public service […]

Apparently two television companies are working on reality programmes showing jury deliberations in a fictional rape trial. One has a jury of celebs and the other a jury of ordinary people. Sounds distinctly grubby, and it’s hard to see how this will do anything to reduce Britain’s shocking rape conviction rate (a conviction in less […]