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There is a really thought-provoking and moving blog by Linda Grant on Comment Is Free today, in response to discovering that one of the CiF commenters she had crossed swords with is actually the son of her former boss, Tony Hall. The comments thread is equally lovely, with commenters stepping up to say what they […]

I have been away from the blogs I normally read for several days now, and have come back to find Ilyka’s blog closed to uninvited readers. Trying to find out what’s going on, I went to Creek Running North and found that Chris Clarke has also closed his blog. I’ve been everywhere I can think […]

On blinkers…


First off, apologies for not blogging at all for three months. I could give you reasons, but a lot of it was sheer laziness. I’m currently suffering with an evil head cold, brought on by a long-haul flight from the other side of the world. It’s making me feel like shit, but has given me […]

Sad news from Pandagon – the fabulous Amanda will be cutting back her blogging at the site. The good news is that Pam’s still there and some excellent guest bloggers will be helping out – there are already some excellent posts that are well worth reading. Amanda’s going to join John Edwards’ campaign team as […]

Well, I’m writing this while watching BBC4‘s fascinating Storyville programme on US political blogging, Blog Warfare. Meta-blogging or what? It’s mainly focussed on the Lieberman/Lamont race, and covers most of the big political blogs:, Daily Kos and Fire Dog Lake. I’d link to the programme, but there aren’t any clips on the BBC4 site […]