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Warning: there will be spoilers for the CSI episodes already shown on five so far in this article. What on earth has happened to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation? The fourth episode into the new series on five, and CSI has dramatically jumped the shark. I had my suspicions after the end of the previous series, […]

I turned over to ITV1 tonight, unusually for me, because I wanted to watch the Tonight programme’s edition on anorexia and the pro-ana sites on the internet. Unfortunately the programme spent a mere 23 minutes on anorexia, choosing to cut it short for an update of their programme on whether your council tax band had […]

I should have posted this on Thursday, but didn’t have time. So it’s a bit out of date now… I just can’t keep away from the Mail this week. It burns my eyes, and yet I can’t not look. The paper of choice for homophobes, petty racists and MRAs today has no fewer than two […]

I don’t know why I ever look at the Daily Mail’s web site (I tell myself it’s so I know what the enemy’s thinking, but I think it’s actually more like a sore spot that you just can’t stop poking even though you know it’ll hurt). Yet somehow I can’t help myself. In a change […]