…like advertising execs… without the stupidity…


 The Coke Zero ad is back, and every bit as stupid as before.

I honestly thought they’d pulled this advert showcasing a collection of tossers discussing why things in life don’t come without downsides while marching along the street like a scene from Booze Britain (except with soft drinks instead of WKD). Naturally one of them is “girlfriends… without the five year plan”. Because all men are commitment-phobes who are terrified of any kind of relationship that lasts longer than a week, and all women are desperate to trap men into marriage.

I guess if you’re aiming the advert at men who are so scared of failure to conform to blokeish stereotypes that they won’t drink a can of Coke with the word “Diet” in the name, maybe this is the kind of crap you need to get their attention. But for men whose aspirations in life go beyond a nylon suit and getting trolleyed every Saturday night with their mates before going home to collapse drunkenly on their “missus”, this isn’t going to appeal to them.

You know the worst thing? The canteen at work only stocks Coke Zero. And it tastes crap compared to Diet Coke.


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