Why I am pro-choice


Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

So today is Blog for Choice day, and the good people at Bush v. Choice are asking us to blog about why we are pro-choice. Although reproductive rights are not under the same amount of pressure in the UK as they are in the US, the religious right are on the rise here as well, and we cannot take our hard-won rights for granted.

So, why am I pro-choice? I am pro-choice because I believe that women alone should have rights over their own bodies. I am pro-choice because too many women have been hurt, injured, held back, shamed, kept in abusive situations and denied by the refusal of the right to choose. I am pro-choice because giving women the right to control their fertility gives them the keys to the world.

I’m pro-choice because women should have the freedoms men take for granted when it comes to sex, work and life. I’m pro-choice because sex is a great and wonderful thing and no one should be ashamed or scared to desire it when, in the 21st century, sex can be safe and easy and happy.

I’m pro-choice because I’m pro-family, and I believe that families should be made up of people who want to be together, not be forced into a lifetime of misery by shotgun marriages for shame of what the neighbours will say. I’m pro-choice because children should be wanted children with parents who can care for them properly.

I’m pro-choice because those who aren’t fear, depise and mistrust women and would force them to give birth as a punishment for failure to conform to their narrow and obsolete morals. I’m pro-choice because I have a voice and a mind and I do not want my choices to be made for me by anyone but me. I’m pro-choice because things go wrong, birth control fails, people make mistakes, women and children are raped and abused, people simply cannot look after a child, and they should not be forced to.

I’m pro-choice because having a child should never be a punishment.

I’m pro-choice because when there are no choices women resort to coathangers and gin to try to find a choice. I’m pro-choice because when there are no choices, too many women bleed to death on dirty tables simply for seeking that choice. I’m pro-choice because when there are no choices women are tied to men who have abused them in all kinds of ways. I’m pro-choice because women will always seek to choose, and they should be able to choose safely and not be judged. I’m pro-choice because when there are no choices women are enslaved.

I’m pro-choice because I believe in women. I believe in their intelligence, their strength, their ability to make the right decision for themselves. For this, and so many other reasons, I am pro-choice.


2 Responses to “Why I am pro-choice”

  1. 1 Matt

    Great piece. I’ll send it on to the Abortion Rights office and see if they would like to flag it up on the front page as a link – would that be ok?


  2. Thanks, Matt – of course that would be all right.

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