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Sad news from Pandagon – the fabulous Amanda will be cutting back her blogging at the site. The good news is that Pam’s still there and some excellent guest bloggers will be helping out – there are already some excellent posts that are well worth reading. Amanda’s going to join John Edwards’ campaign team as […]

I love The Killers and am very excited that my boyfriend gave me tickets to see them in London in February. So here’s When You Were Young from their new album for you (yes, it really is supposed to be silent at first):

I’m sure that’s not the first time anyone’s used that title… So I’m doing battle (in a very restrained way – everyone’s generally being very polite and reasonable, apart from the man who referred to “broom stick riders”) with the commenters on the Dawn Patrol about Dawn’s post on Zoe William’s article in the Guardian […]

┬áThe Coke Zero ad is back, and every bit as stupid as before. I honestly thought they’d pulled this advert showcasing a collection of tossers discussing why things in life don’t come without downsides while marching along the street like a scene from Booze Britain (except with soft drinks instead of WKD). Naturally one of […]

Just as I was thinking “Someone should do something about this” about juries in rape trials, it turns out that somebody was. Reforms to rape trials were in the pipeline. Note that word: were. Judges are opposing the reforms, saying they are too complex, according to the Guardian: But the judges have rejected all the […]

So today is Blog for Choice day, and the good people at Bush v. Choice are asking us to blog about why we are pro-choice. Although reproductive rights are not under the same amount of pressure in the UK as they are in the US, the religious right are on the rise here as well, […]

Last week I had a go at the two television companies that were producing programmes based on recreating rape trials with actors playing the complainant and defendant, saying that it was using rape as entertainment. Well, I was wrong, at least about Consent, Channel 4’s offering which was shown last night. This was public service […]